M.S.J. College, Bharatpur (Rajasthan) is the first in the Eastern zone of Rajasthan amongest allGovernment Colleges to have successfully channelized solar energy of 35 KV to meet a part of daily electricity requirements. A state with abundant sunshine should have set an example in using solar energy to meet most of its requirements is still a dream. But the M.S.J. College, Bharatpur in a first of its kind initiatives has shown the way by meeting more than 50 percent of its energy need through solar energy. The college lies in the tropical region of Rajasthan and receives enough sunlight to meet 100 percent energy requirements. Fulfilling its commitment of promoting sustainable development, the college has  installed solar panels of 35 KV in the college with grid connection which becomes active after sunrise and switch off automatically after sunset. Moreover, fans, tubelights, computers and other equipments are operated by solar energy. The college campus has almost Thirteen blocks (Administrative, Library, PGTeaching, UG Teaching, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, Staff Room, Central Hall, Geography, Political Science and Smart classrooms) with an average monthly requirement of 6000 KWH electricity, of which 3500 KWH is generated by solar panels. In addition to being renewable source of energy and ecofriendly, the method is also proving to be cost effective for the college. There was 60 percent reduction in the electricity bill of the month of November-2017 as compared to previous months. The college is further planning to install more units of solar energy in the near future to become the first college in the state to run 100 percent on a renewable source of energy. Once the upcoming project will be completed,the college will join the list of India’s few academic institutions promoting sustainable development. The day is not far when the college will attain self reliance in terms of power requirements